(Aug. 16, 2019) A New York man was charged with second-degree assault on Saturday at a downtown Boardwalk hotel after an argument allegedly escalated into a physical confrontation.

A  hotel front desk employee told police Peter Guzman had asked her not to let his female partner in his room. The employee then saw the woman walk toward the room Guzman occupied. When the employee arrived at the room, the door was closed and she called the police after hearing what she thought were the sounds of someone punching a wall and a female choking. 

Guzman apparently told police he and the woman had argued over another girl while they were at a midtown club. They each left separately, with Guzman returning to the hotel and advising the front desk employee that his partner was not allowed in his room, according to court documents.

Police said Guzman informed them that he had money in his partner's purse because he had been in the water at the club. He also reportedly said he tried to get his money by grabbing her purse, but that she would not let go of the approximately $1,000 in it. Guzman added that he was pulling on the purse strap and the woman hit him, police said.

Both the woman and Guzman were arrested until she told police that Guzman had thrown her face-down the bed and pushed down on her neck to prevent her from leaving. She could not remember exactly how many times Guzman threw her back on the bed, but said he did so multiple times, according to the court report.

The alleged-assault victim said she eventually turned over and Guzman covered her mouth with his hands to keep her quiet. Police said the victim had a cut under her left eye and on the back of her neck. 

Police released her and transported Guzman to the Public Safety Building.

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