(March 27, 2020) The 17th update on the construction of the new Showell Elementary School was given to the Worcester County Board of Education last Tuesday via a telephone conference.

Board President Eric Cropper Sr. gave the most recent report regarding the school’s progress in place of Facilities Planner Joe Price and Oak Project Manager Bill Moschler, who have usually brought the board up to date.


The Worcester County Public School Board of Education had its 17th Showell Elementary School update via a conference call on Tuesday, March 17. In this rendering, the outside of a secondary entrance and media center is presented.

Within the past 30 days, workers have completed the water system, installed interior masonry walls, gymnasium athletic equipment and door frames, fitted the interior framing and provided gas services.

Current projects include exterior concrete flatwork, installing doors, drywall, sprinkler systems, and kitchen utilities.

Over the next 30 days contractors expect to work on paving the courtyard, installing and setting up the emergency generator.

The new 9,600-square-foot building will replace the current 5,200-square-foot school, and will eliminate the need for the nine portable classrooms at the school.

At present, the 40-year-old school has 536 students from kindergarten through third grade. Fourth graders, who were moved out of the building because of insufficient space, will return once the $47 million school opens

The school is expected to accept over 130 new students once it is open for the 2020-2021 school year in September.  

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