Showell Elementary School

A group of Showell Elementary School first graders pose for a photo as they walk the Ocean City Boardwalk last Friday. 

(May 17, 2019) The Ocean City Boardwalk became a sea of blue last Friday morning as 140 Showell Elementary School first graders in matching T-shirts strolled along the resort’s landmark.

Aly Brabitz, a physical education teacher at Showell Elementary School, said the field trip was a reward for the students’ hard work in the fitness challenge. They walked 40 laps at the school in Berlin, which she said constitutes 10 miles. 

To go on the field trip, the students had to sign a contract and walk the walk, literally.

“So that’s how they kind of earn their trip, and then I think it’s just important [that] they commit to it, [and] they can’t give up,” Brabitz said. “If they don’t reach their goal they don’t get to come on the trip, but, fortunately, all of our students did reach their goal.”

Brabitz added that 10 miles is “the distance from our school and the Boardwalk,” and is also symbolic. 

 “[It’s] a sense of accomplishment [that] they get to come out and enjoy the Boardwalk and the beautiful day,” Brabitz said.

Erin Gibson, a first-grade teacher at Showell Elementary School, said the school has participated in the “fitness challenge” for more than 15 years. She also noted how the students were able to take advantage of their surroundings.

 “We have great resources in our area to get outside and to be active,” Gibson said.

As for the Boardwalk stroll, the students also lucked out with superb weather with a high of 80 degrees. Parents and staff also accompanied the children on the field trip.

The Ocean City Development Corporation’s boardwalk committee gave the students their T-shirts as they made their way onto the boards.

“I hope that they … love to come to the Boardwalk and to respect how important the Boardwalk is to our community,” said OCDC board member Stephanie Meehan. She added that the shirts were paid for through business sponsorships.

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