Swallowed SD card and a judge’s apparent suicide

A Maryland state trooper holds up a door from Jonathan Newell’s house Friday, Sept. 10. The door had been removed during an FBI raid earlier in the morning.

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DENTON — A week after the apparent suicide of former Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, the search for answers surrounding his death and alleged crimes is still ongoing.

Maryland State Police are handling the investigation into Newell’s death, which occurred just before 7 a.m. on Sept. 10. A statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office reported FBI agents arrived at Newell’s house in Henderson that morning to arrest him following the receipt of a federal criminal complaint alleging he had allegedly sexually exploited multiple minor boys at a hunting cabin.

When the federal agents entered his home, the 50-year-old judge was found suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and later pronounced dead at 6:43 a.m.

Maryland State Police recovered the gun used in the apparent suicide — a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum revolver, which held six rounds. The same type of gun was famously used by Clint Eastwood in the 1971 film "Dirty Harry."

Officers found that one round had been fired, and five live rounds remained in the gun.

The investigation into Newell's death is ongoing and will not be closed until police receive a final autopsy report from the Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, police said.

It's not clear if law enforcement is continuing to investigate other aspects of the case. Questions have been raised on social media about the other individuals who were reportedly "members" of Newell's hunting club at the cabin in Fishing Creek in lower Dorchester County and additional adults or children who may have been involved.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, no other details are available in the public record other than the facts in the unsealed federal complaint. The charges stemming from the federal complaint were dismissed and the complaint released upon Newell's death.

Maryland State Police reported the case has been turned over entirely to the FBI. Troopers will not continue looking into Newell's criminal case unless requested to assist by the FBI.

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