(Sept. 6, 2019) Sunny skies were a prime factor in yet another successful Labor Day weekend for Ocean City, drawing hundreds of thousands of people to the beach.

The resort saw huge crowds throughout Saturday and Sunday, city Communications Manager Jessica Waters said.

“We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and it’s the first time in a long time that I can remember that we not only had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, but we had a beautiful Labor Day weekend as well,” Waters said. “On those busy holiday weekends, the weather is everything and we couldn’t have asked for a prettier weekend in terms of weather.


Several hotels sold out during the three day weekend.

“Not only was Saturday busy but Sunday was very busy in terms of people who were out on the beach and the Boardwalk,” she continued. “It was nice to see the families took an opportunity to take the last weekend before school started, the last traditional weekend of summer here at the beach.

 “Considering what was happening to the south of us with the storm and Hurricane Dorian ... we got really lucky in terms of weather and what we could have been dealing with,” Waters said. “It was one of those holidays that will go down in the books as one of the best ones yet.”

Business flourished for many hotels in the area, said Susan Jones, executive director for the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association.

“It was a really strong weekend. The weather was perfect and a lot of hotels were sold out … I’m sure the restaurants did equally as well,” Jones said. “Labor Day is always dependent on weather, and Mother Nature has smiled upon us all summer and certainly continued to smile throughout the weekend.”

Some restaurants, like Coconuts at Castle in the Sand on 37th Street, enjoyed a busy three-day weekend in the hotel and on the beach.

“We were way up our numbers from the last couple of seasons,” Coconuts General Manager Jeff Hicks said. “The weather was perfect, the beach was rocking and the music was playing, it was a great weekend all in all.”

Castle in the Sand enjoyed sold out hotel rooms Friday through Sunday.

“There’s a lot of competition nowadays with the new hotels popping up, so we don’t always get our first-choice rates,” Hicks said. “Sometimes we have to lower [the rates] to fill up, but we’ve been doing very well this year. I hope the weather [stays] that nice every weekend.”

Along the bayside, other restaurants enjoyed success as well.

“I’m surprised with this impending storm coming our way, usually you start to see the town empty out but we’re ahead of every night so far,” Macky Stansell, owner of Mackys Bayside Bar and Grill on 53rd Street, said. “We were also a little surprised because leading up to [Labor Day weekend] the temperature dropped into the 70s.

“That’s very unusual for this time of the year and it slowed down a little bit from (last) Monday into Wednesday but the weekend — Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday  — were all better than last year, which is always good,” he continued. “Even Tuesday of this week has been excellent ... much better than in the last couple of years. We had enough help, which this time of year is debatable, but we had a full staff and everything went well. It was trouble-free.”

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