(Feb. 19, 2021) Superintendent Lou Taylor was unanimously appointed to another four-year term effective July 1 during the Worcester County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.


Lou Taylor

“We’ve had our challenges, none more than we’ve had the last year with covid, but the thing that always rings out in my mind that gets us through those tough times are the 6,700 kids that go to our schools, and so all of you know, I’ve done this for a long time,” Taylor said. “I’ve been at it for 37 years, and I think now is one of the most important times in our country’s history for educating our young people because of the challenges that they face. We’ve all seen what our world has turned into for the last 10, 12, 18 months, and so teaching our kids and giving them a foundation is what’s in the forefront for me as I move this school system forward.”

Taylor added that he strives to do his best every day, implementing the lessons he was taught as a young man “to make sure that our kids are shown love, that they’re shown respect and that we give them an opportunity to be successful.”

He also thanked the board members for their confidence in his leadership and the opportunity to continue serving the county school system.

“We have a lot of work to do. We’ve taken 50 steps back because of covid, and we’ve got a lot of work to do once we come out of this covid environment, but I assure you we have a great team assembled to move us forward,” Taylor added.

District 4 Board member William Gordy recognized Taylor for his “remarkable” leadership.

“The results of that leadership have proven to be unparalleled. Mr. Taylor is richly deserving of the opportunity to continue as our superintendent and to continue to lead the Worcester County Board of Education in the exemplary manner we have become accustomed to,” Gordy said. “We thank you Mr. Taylor for agreeing to continue to lead us and to move forward providing a top-quality education for every child in Worcester County.”

District 7 Board member Todd Ferrante also commended Taylor for guiding the county schools through the last difficult year.

“He has been a great communicator. Not only is he a great communicator, he is a great listener,” Ferrante said. “He might not always agree with you, but he will sit down and listen. We’ve seen that time and time again.”

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