Lou Taylor

(Nov. 20, 2020) Worcester County Public Schools Superintendent Lou Taylor is seeking a second term, the Worcester County Board of Education announced at its meeting on Tuesday.

“On behalf of our board, I’m very happy to announce that Mr. Taylor has expressed his intent to stay another four years,” said Sara Thompson, the board’s vice president. “Mr. Taylor has done a phenomenal job in leading our school system. Mr. Taylor is a lifelong resident of Worcester County, Worcester County Public Schools graduate and a [37]-year employee of our school system. We are thrilled that he wishes to continue a second term.”

Over the next few months, Taylor and the board members will negotiate a new contract.

“First of all, I want to thank the board for the confidence in me and willingness to offer me another contract,” Taylor said.

Thompson added that the board hopes to announce at the Feb. 16 meeting that a contract has been signed.

“I want to see us through this mess that we’re living in today,” Taylor said.

He promised to work with the board to enhance the school system over the next four years.

“We will continue to make Worcester County proud,” Taylor said. “I give you that commitment. We will continue to put Worcester County on the map in every category that we are judged on.”

Board members praised the superintendent for his leadership and improvement of the county schools.

“Everybody has one thing in mind. It’s what’s best for kids,” Taylor added. “As long as Worcester County stays what’s best for kids, we’ll continue to be an exemplary county of what educating people [and] building schools … It’s truly an honor to be a Worcester County citizen and Worcester County employee and, most importantly, the opportunity to lead our school system, so I thank you.”

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