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(Aug. 10, 2018) After a three-year delay, de Lazy Lizard Restaurant & Bar on First Street received approval for a revised site plan that will permit parking lot repaving to begin this fall.

Zoning Administrator Frank Hall told the Planning Commission on Tuesday that a years-long Delmarva Power operation on First Street tied the hands of co-owner Steve Carullo and held up the site plan approval.

The power company project entailed boring under the bay from First Street so an underwater cable could be run from Ocean City to a West Ocean City substation. The drilling apparatus, support vehicles and materials all but blocked access to the Lazy Lizard property.

“That process has [caused] extreme disruption to [his] business over time, which is why we have finally gotten to the point now of ... finalizing... a site plan approval for the de Lazy Lizard and its associated parking lots’” Hall said.

Carullo, who also operates Dead Freddies Island Grill, 63rd Street bayside, bought de Lazy Lizard in 2015 from Todd Hayes and Wayne Odachowski.

“This will sort of immortalize the site plan into our city records to show that the de Lazy Lizard is compliant with … floor area …  ratio of outdoor seating versus indoor seating … and adequate parking based on … code,” he said.

Hall said the site plan includes 116 parking spots between four adjacent parcels, while the First Street establishment is only required to have 102 parking spaces in total.

After approving the site plan, Hall said Carullo could apply for permits to repave the parking lots, install three-foot tall vinyl picket fencing and install landscaping for storm water management.

“Many of the ... lots were used by Delmarva Power, and were torn up, beat up, and abused by the equipment that they needed to have on site,” Hall said. “I can tell you … he is anxious to get rocking and rolling, so to speak, on the parking lot,” he said.

Hall said, contingent on city approval, Carullo plans to have paving contractors start working in the fall.

Previous complaints from neighboring properties about glare from associated parking lot lighting also have been resolved, Hall said.

“By directing the lighting in a different direction, all the glare complaints have been concluded,” he said. “We don’t have any more lighting complaints.”

Included in the site plan is a condition that the parking lots remain obligated to de Lazy Lizard, which Hall noted would require the four parcels to be deed restricted.

“With the bureaucratic nightmare he’s been through to get to this point, we’re satisfied the parking lots are going to be obligated to de Lazy Lizard,” he said. “At some point, he will have to prepare the legal documents to have them deed restricted … we just want to get him rolling.”

Planning chairwoman Pam Buckley, after inquiring with Carullo about the required time frames, suggested the legal paperwork be completed by year’s end.

“I’m OK with that just because of what he’s been going through,” she said.

The commission voted 5-0, with members Palmer Gillis and Peck Miller absent, to approve the revised site plan.

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