(Feb. 19, 2021) Officials announced last week that the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will headline the 2021 Ocean City Air Show from June 19-20.

Joining the Thunderbirds will be the F-22 Raptor Demo Team, the SOCOM-Para-Commandos, Geico Skytypers, and Mike Wiskus.

The air show takes place each year in Ocean City and allows visitors to see high speed and death-defying acts performed by pilots and aerialists.

What could be considered a circus of military and private aircraft pilots who show off their skills, the air show in Ocean City only got its start in 2008 and has grown exponentially in size.

In fact, the show attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year, who gather to watch the aircraft from the boardwalk, beach, and hotels.

This year, special event tickets are being sold on ocairshow.com.

Prices range from $22.50 for a seat in Drop Zone Beach  –  where restrooms, hand sanitizing stations, food, and beverages are made available –  to $399, which allows ticket holders to experience the show from a penthouse 10 floors up.

In addition to the return of the Thunderbirds, bus service to and from the event will also return as Ocean City Council members voted on Tuesday to bring back the service that will transport ticket holders, vendors, performers, and VIPs to and from the show center.

Due to directives from the State of Maryland Health Department last year, bus service, which had previously been provided from the West Ocean City Park & Ride lot and convention center, was cancelled by council for the August 2020 Air Show.

This year, organizers of the event have requested the bus service return.

But it will come with a slight modification. The buses are expected to haul people to the show from the south convention center lot on 40th Street on Saturday and from Jolly Roger Amusement Park on 30th Street on Sunday.


The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will headline the 2021 Air Show in Ocean City, June 19-20.

Since the city buses cannot be used for charter purposes, they will be open to the general public and air show participants.

Without any discussion, the board members voted to approve the request to use the buses, 7-0.

For more information, visit ocairshow.com.

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