(Nov. 30, 2018) A traffic stop last Wednesday on Coastal Highway ended with the arrest of 31-year-old man on drug and other charges, according to an arrest report filed in District Court in Ocean City

Kenneth William Baker, of Salisbury, was charged with possession of cocaine and identity fraud to avoid prosecution, according to the arrest report.

Police stopped a white Ford SUV traveling north on Coastal Highway after noticing an inoperable headlight, according to the report. The officer also had difficulty seeing the SUV’s plate because of a lift or rack device partially covering it.

The Ford, driven by Davon James Sheppard, pulled into The Quay condominium building on 10700 Coastal Highway, with one passenger sitting on the rear driver’s side and Baker sitting on the rear passenger side, according to the report.

Sheppard gave police his Maryland identification card and informed them his license might be suspended because of a child support issue. The vehicle was registered to Baker’s mother.

Baker identified himself to police as “John Baker,” but added “John was an odd spelling,” according to the report.

The officer also saw a clear glass smoking device in the vehicle’s center console, as well as what appeared to be marijuana in the passenger side door, according to the report.

Baker then told police his name was Jhaun Vernon Baker and that he had a Pennsylvania license.

The officer then searched the vehicle and found a box for Suboxone sublingual strips, a schedule III CDS, according to the report. The box also bore the name of Kenneth Baker, who the officer identified as Jhaun Baker via a photo from a law enforcement database.

Baker also had an active warrant for a parole violation from an armed robbery conviction, according to the report. Baker was then placed in handcuffs and, when asked again, admitted his name was Kenneth Baker, and that he had been using his brother’s name.

Police searched Baker and found a $20 bill rolled up into a tube with a white, powdery substance inside the money, according to the report. 

The officer then searched the rear driver’s side seat and found what appeared to be cocaine.

Sheppard was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license, according to Lindsay Richard, public information officer for the police department.

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