Mona Jones, 64, of Westminster is suing for $75,000 plus attorney fees stemming from a tram collision on the Boardwalk near Eighth Street that occurred on Sept. 16, 2017.

Woman contends she was run over and dragged along Boardwalk after being hit

(June 28, 2019) The Town of Ocean City and a Boardwalk tram driver are headed to court in November in a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges she suffered a traumatic leg injury when a tram struck her in September 2017.

Mona Jones, 64, and her husband Gregory Jones, both of Westminster, are suing for $75,000 plus attorney fees stemming from a tram collision on the Boardwalk near Eighth Street that occurred on Sept. 16, 2017.

The lawsuit claims Jones was struck while dismounting from a bicycle next to a bench, and alleges the 2003 model tram car in question was in disrepair due to rusty mechanisms.

According to the lawsuit, the tram driver who hit Jones was heading south near Eighth Street and was moving back to the center of the Boardwalk after passing another tram.

During this maneuver, the suit claims, the driver lost control and struck Jones while she dismounted her bicycle.

Jones was reportedly knocked to the ground with the tram running over her leg and dragging her numerous feet down the Boardwalk.

The suit contends that despite multiple witnesses on the tram attempting to alert the driver to the situation, the operator failed to stop before dragging Jones an additional distance, which severely injured her left leg.

The leg injury required Jones to be airlifted to Maryland Shock Trauma where she remained under treatment for more than a month.

The lawsuit said an extensive section of skin was torn from Jones’ left leg, and that she continues to experience sever pain and disfigurement from the accident.

After an initial lawsuit filed in November 2018 was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction in early April, the plaintiffs filed a new suit on April 23, which is set for a jury trial starting on November 18 in Worcester County Circuit Court.

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