(Nov. 8, 2019) The Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company will see an additional 1.7 acres of land added to its Station 5 location on Keyser Point Road, West Ocean City, after members of Ocean City Council approved a land conveyance ordinance Monday, Nov. 4.

The expansion will allow the fire company to create more live-in suites, space for apparatus bays and additional storage and offices. 

The fire company made its request for the Keyser Point Road parcel on April 30, when fire company President Jay Jester and City Public Works Director Hal Adkins appeared before the mayor and city council. 

Jester explained the three, tiny living spaces in the building were unable to accommodate the fire company’s booming live-in program population. 

In addition, the fire company sought the land to expand its apparatus bays, which were doubling as a storage facility, and office space. 

At the time, former City Solicitor Guy Ayres recommended that the council approve the request, as long as Worcester County officials granted their approval, first. 

The council acted on Ayre’s recommendation, and gave the request a thumbs up. 

Adkins returned six months later on Oct. 7, and said he had received county approval, so the council voted to pass the request on first reading. 

On Monday, the council solidified the land conveyance after passing it on second reading. 

Fire company President Jay Jester said now that the land conveyance has been confirmed, he and his staff will begin working on site plan designs. 

“We didn’t want to put the cart before the horse,” Jester said. “We wanted to make sure that the land transfer was a done deal.” 

Jester said the company’s top priority is to expand its live-in facilities, while the second priority is to create storage space for equipment currently stored outside. 

“It’s [land conveyance] certainly going to benefit the city, because I’ll have more people living in that firehouse with the ability to travel into town when the need arises,” Jester said.

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