(Nov. 22, 2019) After a silent public comment period, the Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday passed the county’s $75.1 million capital improvement plan for FY2021-2025. 

Since it is a planning document and not a commitment, it does not guarantee that the listed projects will receive county funding. Projects also can be added or removed from the plan as needed.

 According to Kim Reynolds, senior budget accountant for Worcester County, $9.8 million of the total, or 13.1 percent, would come from the county’s general fund. General bond funds would contribute $36.9 million, or 49.2 percent, and the remaining money would come from grants, loans and other sources. 

The FY21 request from the general fund totals $1.7 million or 25 percent of the capital outlay and the general obligation bonds are zero.

To improve the Pocomoke Library and Snow Hill Library, the county plans to spend a total of $6.3 million within the five years for general government facilities. As for public safety, the county projects to spend $10 million for improvements to the Worcester County Jail.

Next is public works, which has the highest projected spending within the five-year period at $19 million for roadwork, the replacement of the Bayside Road Bridge, the Mystic Harbour Wastewater Plant expansion, the Newark spray irrigation, the Lewis Road sewer expansion and Ocean Pines service area upgrades.

Worcester County Recreation & Parks plans to work on the Northern Worcester Athletic Complex and the West Ocean City commercial harbor for a projected total of $3 million.

Altogether, $31.4 million will be given to Worcester County public schools, which received approval for its capital improvement plan at the previous commissioner’s meeting. 

This funding is needed for roof replacements at Pocomoke Middle School, Snow Hill Middle and Cedar Chapel School, Buckingham Elementary School and Pocomoke Elementary School, as well as the addition to Stephen Decatur Middle School.

Finally, Wor-Wic Community College will receive a projected $5.1 million for two new buildings - applied technology and learning commons.

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