Ray Thompson, second from right, president and chairman of the Worcester County Education Foundation, presents a donation to the members of the Worcester County Board of Education during a meeting last Tuesday. Receiving the award, from left, are Vice President Eric W. Cropper, Sr., Su- perintendent Lou Taylor and Todd Ferrante.

WCEF Chairman Thompson presents money to officials during meeting last Tuesday

(Oct. 25, 2019) Ray Thompson, president and chairman of the Worcester County Education Foundation, didn’t come to last Tuesday’s board of education meeting empty handed. 

“I am the son of board member Sarah Thompson, and she told me that I wasn’t allowed in the room unless I brought money,” he said.

Thompson then presented a check for $46,881.50 from the foundation to the board.

“This donation today constitutes over $100,000 that we have donated to Worcester County public schools,” Thompson said.

The funds will help pay for purchasing cases for high school laptops, iPad devices for teachers and Chromebook laptops, according to Carrie Sterrs, coordinator of public relations and special programs for Worcester County Public Schools. 

The foundation was established in 2013 and puts a strong focus on digital conversion, which involves increasing technology use in the classroom. 

More specifically, Sterrs said that it’s “the countywide effort to reach a 1:1 ratio of devices and students.” 

The foundation aims to provide technology to all students in kindergarten through 12th grades so they can “practice the digital skills that are necessary to compete for the jobs of tomorrow,” according to the foundation’s website.

Other goals for the organization include giving monetary assistance, awarding annual grants for teachers and funding an endowment.

Thompson added that the foundation has provided more than $10,000 in teacher-related grants, and has an endowment of roughly $40,000.

For more information about the Worcester County Education Foundation, visit

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