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(Nov. 29, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners made the following decisions during their Tuesday, Nov. 19 meeting:

Housing rehab 

The commissioners passed the housing rehabilitation program bid package from Jo Ellen Bynum, Worcester County housing program administrator. Repairs for two single-family homes, one in Berlin and one in Snow Hill, will be funded by the Community Development Block Grant. 

Repairs include replacing door panels, painting doors, testing water, installing new gutters and replacing windows. Bids will be accepted until Monday, Dec. 9. 

Ice rink 

The commissioners allowed the Recreation and Parks Department to reallocate funds from special event savings to purchase or rent a synthetic ice rink. According to Tom Perlozzo, director of Worcester County Recreation and Parks, the ice rink is portable and available year-round. 

“It creates some buzzworthy opportunities,” Perlozzo said. “It’ll resonate in the communities. It’ll advance our mission and we can build upon it, especially with additional partnerships.” 

According to his report, organizations can volunteer to work an event and charge and generate funds for their organization and Recreation and Parks. 

Though the estimated cost is $62,000, Perlozzo said he hopes to negotiate it down to $50,000. Renting would cost $20,000. The Recreation Advisory Boosters have offered to provide $5,000 for the purchase of the rink and earmark future funds. 

Maintenance will mostly be vacuuming and a silicone-based spray. The ice rink can handle about 50 skaters at once. 

County commissioners Chip Bertino and Jim Bunting opposed the deal.

Public Landing dredging 

The commissioners granted the Recreation and Parks Department permission to bid for dredging the channel and basin area of Public Landing. Tom Perlozzo, director of Worcester County Recreations and Parks, said that he wanted to get ahead of the game, as the dredging window is typically January through April. 

The project will be the dredging and replenishment of the beach and parking lot area, as well as additional cleanup. The Land, Water and Conservation funds will reimburse 100 percent of the project costs at $200,000. 

Fire Marshal 

The commissioners passed Bill 19-9, which states that the hiring of a fire marshal shall be processed by the Worcester County Human Resources Department, as any other county department director is currently hired. This removes the requirement of input from the Worcester County Fire Prevention Committee. 

During the public hearing, Stockton Fire Chief Tim Jerscheid said he agreed with the decision, but had two requests, the first being to hire from within when possible. 

“We also would respectfully request that the name comes to us so we know who it will be prior to that person being hired,” Jerscheid said.  

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