(Oct. 4, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners took the following actions during their Tuesday meeting.

The Alyosha

The issue of Worcester County leasing dock space in the West Ocean City harbor to the Alyosha died Tuesday because of concerns about its boarding location on the other side of the harbor.

The original proposal was to lease county property on the north side of the harbor to Thrive Engineering LLC, for five years beginning Oct. 1 for $8,500 a year.

Director of Worcester County Recreation & Parks Tom Perlozzo said leasing the dock space to the Alyosha could bring in at least $50,000 in advertising sales. However, during public comment, local attorney Hugh Cropper, who co-owns dock space next to Mad Fish Grill, said when the Alyosha loads and unloads in front of Mad Fish, he cannot access his own dock because the Alysoha extends approximately 12 feet into his property. 

Though he made a private agreement that he could simply ask the Alyosha to move when necessary, Cropper expressed a worry that if the business took off, the vessel would block his dock space more frequently.

County Attorney Maureen Howarth reminded the commissioners that they were to vote on where the Alyosha could be docked, not where it loads and unloads.

Despite this, some commissioners were hesitant when they heard Cropper’s issue. Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom moved to approve the lease for a year only, earning a second from Commissioner Ted Elder. Commissioner Bud Church abstained from the vote. Commissioners Chip Bertino and Jim Bunting voted against the lease, and Commissioner Joseph Mitrecic was absent.

Sheriff over-expenditure

The county commissioners approved an over-expenditure of $80,097.65 for the county sheriff’s office FY19 budget. Sheriff Matthew Crisafulli told the commissioners that when the budget was created, it assumed the sheriff’s office would use retired vehicles for replacement parts.

However, this was made impossible when two vehicles were totaled. In addition, the costs for equipment increased after the budget was created. According to Crisafulli, the sheriff’s office needs to replace 11 vehicles and the unanticipated car collisions caused an over-expenditure of $114,367, which was reduced after reallocating funds.

Crisafulli added that though the cost of the two totaled vehicles would be paid for by insurance, he did not yet have the exact amount. Commissioner Chip Bertino moved to approve the over-expenditure  and Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom seconded.

Litter clean-up

The commissioners agreed to allow two deputies from the sheriff’s office help protect volunteers during a litter clean-up on portions of Holly Grove Road behind the Walmart in Berlin/West Ocean City.

Kelly McCullen, director of the Delmarva Free School, and Billy Weiland, of Assateague Coastal Trust’s program Trash Free Assateague, proposed the collaboration to encourage clients and the public to engage with nature for mental and physical health.

Commissioner Chip Bertino moved to approve the request and Commissioner Jim Bunting seconded. The clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 2 at 9:30 a.m.

Evergreen Village

The commissioners passed a resolution granting Residential Planned Community zoning status to Evergreen Village, a 90-house single-family home development by Blue Water Development on the northwest side of Beauchamp Road, north of Route 589.

Zoning Administrator Jennifer Keener said the proposed planned residential community fits in with the surrounding area and would not have any foreseeable negative impact on the already existing area.

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