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(Oct. 25, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners made the following motions during their meeting in Snow Hill last Tuesday:

Library carpeting 

Jennifer Ranck, Ocean Pines Library director, asked for a waiver of the normal bidding process for hiring a company to move library stacks, furniture and staff office area so the carpet can be replaced. Ranck said that Bates Moving & Storage Company Inc. has the proper equipment to move loaded library stacks. The bid totaled $29,890. 

The commissioners also reviewed the bid specification and architectural floor plan for carpet replacement. The county previously approved $85,000 from the FY20 budget for the replacement project. 

The library will hold a pre-bid facility inspection on Oct. 29 and the county will accept bids until Nov. 12. County Commissioner Joseph Mitrecic moved to the waiver on the moving bid and to approve the bid specifications for the carpet replacement. County Commissioner Chip Bertino seconded. 

Assigned encumbrance 

County Budget Officer Kathy Whited presented an additional $32,000 to be added to FY19 year-end reserve for encumbrances. A Tow Master trailer was delivered to the Roads Division without the proper lift gate. 

The incorrect trailer was rejected and the vendor will provide a free delivery in FY20. This will reduce the cost from $33,562 to $32,000 and will need to be encumbered from FY19 to FY20. 

Industrial district

Worcester County residents will have the chance to speak about the proposed zoning amendment to allow churches, temples and mosques in the I-1 Light Industrial District by special exception during a public hearing scheduled for the county commissioner’s meeting on Nov. 15.

Gary McCabe, pastor at Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury, is seeking the amendment so he convert an office building into a church in an an industrial district in Bishopville. 

The county planning commission gave a favorable recommendation to the county commissioners on Oct. 3. Both Ed Tudor and Jennifer Keener, director of review and permitting and zoning administrator, had told the planning commission there may be little interference with a church in the industrial district, but they were cautious that special exceptions may erode the zoning code. 

All county commissioners present offered to sign the bill. County commissioner Bud Church was absent.

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Nancy Powell

Jennifer Ranck is the Worcester County Library director.

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