The Worcester County Commissioners discussed the following during their April 19 meeting:

St. Martin’s project

A public hearing will be scheduled for the St. Martin’s by the Bay community water project as part of the application process for federal funding. The project proposes to replace the community’s private supply well and distribution system by connecting it to the Ocean Pines water system — an added 58 EDUs to the Pines system, according to a memo from Department of Public Works Director Dallas Baker.

Housing Rehabilitation grant

A public hearing is scheduled for May 17 so the commissioners can hear from residents about local housing needs ahead of the county applying for community development block grants from the state of Maryland for local jurisdictions. The current grant term expires on  July 31.

According to a memo from Department of Development, Review and Permitting Director Jennifer Keener, Worcester has typically requested and received $300,000 for the rehabilitation of about 18 owner-unoccupied homes in a given two-year grant cycle. For FY23, they’re requesting to increase that total to $500,000.


A public hearing will be scheduled for the rezoning of land off Patey Woods Road in Near from V-1 Village to A-1 Agricultural. A favorable recommendation was previously given by the county’s planning commission on April 7. 

Development amendment

Another public hearing will be scheduled regarding an amendment to the initial step of the Sea Oaks Village planned community to allow developers to add 76 townhome units to the development. The planning commission found this proposal favorable on April 7. 

Custodial rate

The commissioners approved a rate increase for the continuation of custodial services provided by Mr. Meticulous Cleaning Service Inc. The price in FY23 will be $53,425.88 for the county. The company’s price point hasn’t changed since 2014, according to a memo from Baker. 

The rate increase does not necessarily mean that Mr. Meticulous will earn the next custodial servicing contract. It will be the same regardless of which company wins the bid. 

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on April 29, 2022.

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