The Worcester County Commissioners discussed the following during the Oct. 5 meeting:

File server

The commissioners unanimously approved the replacement of Information Technology’s main server, which had reached the end of its usable life and hardware support, according to a memo from IT Director Brian Jones. The new server’s total costs, including hardware, license support and setup were $132,592.26. Jones called the server “mission-critical,” adding that it had very specific hardware that will accommodate the county’s needs.

Siren upgrade

The commissioners permitted the Department of Emergency Service to begin exploring options to upgrade the county’s fire sirens and emergency notification systems, following a survey and inspection of the county siren system by its manufacturer Federal Signal.

The survey concluded that nearly all of the sirens need replacement, according to a memo from DES Director Billy Birch. The memo stated that the overall number of sirens in use is far too low for the county and forecasted that, if the county committed to adding an adequate number of sirens, 35 to 40 additional sirens could be expected.

Lot purchase

The commissioners unanimously approved the Berlin Fire Company’s request that the county donate to it a parcel of vacant land along Harrison Avenue, across from the Berlin branch of the county library. The lot measures 18 feet by 223 feet and would be used for additional parking during events and allow the company to have contiguous land to all its existing property west of the railroad tracks, according to a memo from Berlin Fire Company President David Fitzgerald.

Vehicle replacement

The commissioners unanimously approved a request from the Department of Environmental Programs to replace a pickup truck that was totaled in an accident, the fault of which was attributed to the other driver, according to a memo from Environmental Programs Director Bob Mitchell. Funds were received from insurance in September and revenue has been deposited, which brings the county’s expense down from $34,000 budgeted for a new vehicle to $24,807.20.

Hazardous waste

The commissioners unanimously approved a household hazardous waste collection day for Nov. 27 at the Ocean City Park and Ride. In addition to hazardous waste, the county will be collecting electronics limited to computers, servers and laptops. The event, including advertising, is expected to be around $20,000, paid for out of the recycling budget, according to a memo from Public Works Director Dallas Baker.

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