Worcester County Commissioners

(Jan. 11, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners approved several items during a meeting Tuesday in Snow Hill:

Amended CIP

The Commissioners voted unanimously to approve an amended capital improvement plan for the fiscal years 2020-2024.

The revised plan includes a $1 million request in additional funding for the Showell Elementary Replacement School project, which would provide additional classrooms to accommodate the increasing number of pre-Kindergarten students, according to the proposal. 

The revised planning document also accounts for a running track and other athletic improvements for Stephen Decatur High School’s turf field project.

No members of the public participated in a public hearing related to the plan.

Commissioner Chip Bertino moved to approve the amended plan, Resolution 19-1, which was seconded by Commissioner Jim Bunting. 

Youth Council 

The Worcester County Commissioners unanimously approved appointments for three members of the Youth Council of Worcester County.

Pocomoke High School sophomores Abby Boyce and Tamari Cutler, as well as Stephen Decatur High School sophomore Aaron Cohen, will each serve for two years, according to the proposal. 

Bertino moved to appoint the students. Commissioner Bud Church seconded the motion. 

Bertino also moved to approve reappointments for Snow High School junior Chloe Goddard and Pocomoke High School junior Mccammon Mottley (two years each) and Worcester Preparatory School senior Liam Hammond (one year). 

Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom provided a second. 

Building sale 

The Worcester County Liquor Control Warehouse is one step closer to being sold after the county commissioners unanimously approved sending the property out to bid.

The county commissioners previously approved selling the building in its current condition, but Assistant Chief Administrative Office Kelly Shannahan recommended looking into an asking price to be presented at the next meeting.

The property’s “as is” fair market value was assessed at $990,000, according to an appraisal by Lefort Appraisal & Consulting, Inc. 

The county had several options in proceeding with the selling process: advertising sealed bids, using a real estate agent or going through an auctioneer.

Shannahan then consulted Commissioner and realtor Bud Church’s expertise, who recommending the bid option.

“My fellow realtors might not be happy with me,” Church said.

Church moved to put a building request out to bid with the asking price of $990,000. 

Commissioner Ted Elder seconded the motion. 

Sectional rezoning 

The Worcester County Commissioners approved a resolution for sectional rezoning of several properties on Racetrack Road.

The properties would be changed from estate to commercial classifications.

There was a public hearing held  Dec. 18 that brought much discussion from the county commissioners, attorneys and members of the public. 

Bunting moved to approve Resolution 19-2 in the sectional rezoning, which was seconded by Church.

Bertino opposed the motion and had previously dissented during the Dec. 18 meeting. The vote was 5-1.

New vehicle

The Worcester County Commissioners unanimously approved a request to allow the sheriff’s office to purchase a new patrol vehicle.

A deputy in a 2012 Tahoe patrol vehicle was involved in a crash on Nov. 26, according to a request memo by Sheriff Matt Crisafulli. The investigation found the officer was not at fault, but the vehicle was totaled, according to the other driver’s insurance.

Crisafulli said parts from the old patrol vehicle, such as lights or the siren speaker, that were in good condition would be repurposed in the new vehicle, according to the memo.

Col. Doug Dods said he’d use the money in his current budget from under-budget bids, as well as the insurance money, but said he may need an additional $9,171 for the purchase in order to stay in budget. 

He said the incident was unforeseen and he couldn’t account for it.

“There’s no way to know there’s going to be an accident,” Bertino said.

Nordstrom moved to approve the request and Bertino seconded the request. 

Commissioner Joseph Mitrecic was absent from Tuesday’s meeting and did not participate in voting.  

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