(Nov. 15, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners took the following actions during their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

Manklin Creek traffic 

The commissioners agreed to place additional curve and speed limit signs on Manklin Creek Road near Hatteras Street in Ocean Pines. Worcester County Public Works conducted a speed study in that same area from Tuesday, Sept. 24 to Tuesday, Oct. 1 to address safety concerns and speeding. 

The current speed posted at Manklin Creek Road is 25 miles per hour. The study counted 5,123 vehicles, with one percent of vehicles speeding at 36 miles per hour. Ninety-nine percent of vehicles were clocked at one to 35 miles per hour. The average speed of all vehicles was 25 miles per hour. 

Bill Glock, president of The Parke in Ocean Pines, requested via email that commissioners approve a stop sign at Manklin Creek Road at the intersection of Hatteras Street and Cape May Street, a 25-miles-per-hour speed limit sign between Hatteras Street and Montclair Court and a 15-miles-per-hour curve sign just past the intersection of Easton Avenue and Manklin Creek Road.

Since stop signs are not to be used to enforce speed limits, according Public Works Director John Tustin, the commissioners only approved the additional speed limit and curve signs. 

Recreation & Parks 

The commissioners accepted the bid proposal for a utility tractor with a front-end loader for the Worcester County Recreation & Parks department. Funding of $32,000 for the tractor is in the department’s FY2019-2020 operating budget. Tom Perlozzo, director of Recreations & Parks, said that the tractor is a one-time replacement purchase. 

The commissioners also granted permission for the Recreation & Parks department to bid for the repair and replacement of fencing at Northern Worcester Athletic Complex Senior League and Utility Fields, John Walter Smith Little League Field and Showell Park’s softball field two.

In the FY20 budget, $65,000 is allocated for Northern Worcester Athletic Complex, $75,000 allocated for John Walter Smith Park and $40,000 allocated for Showell Park. 

Ninety percent of the costs are reimbursable through a Program Open Space grant, while the county’s contribution of 10 percent will be through in-house labor. The bids are expected to open after the Dec. 5 pre-bid meeting. 


The commissioners accepted a bid from Alban Tractor for one hydraulic crawler excavator for the Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division. Alban Tractor was the lowest bidder for a monthly lease of $5,065.51 for 84 months. Funds for the excavator were approved in the FY2019-2020 budget as a reoccurring lease. 

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