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(June 14, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners approved several matters during their session last Tuesday:

Contract renewed 

The commissioners approved the renewal of a legal research database service.

County Attorney Maureen Howarth said the contract for the service, Westlaw Next, expires June 30.

The contract lasts three years, and includes a 3 percent increase, according to Howarth. She added that the increase was included in the previous contract.

Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom moved to approve the contract renewal, and Mitrecic seconded it. 

School safety funding

The Worcester County Commissioners approved the funding for safety initiatives at Worcester County Public Schools.

The funding would pay for the installation of 313 interior security cameras at 13 Worcester County public schools, as well as portable emergency radios at the elementary and middle schools, according to Superintendent Lou Taylor.

Taylor also said the security projects would cost $164,501. He added the state’s school safety grant program and Interagency Commission on School Construction provided $81,007 in grant money.

Taylor asked the commissioners to cover the remaining $83,494 as part of a “local funding match requirement.”

During previous budget deliberations, Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins said he thought he’d be able to include the radios, but expressed his apologies to education officials.

“It was my confusion that we’d be able to apply purchases of the radios to this school safety funding grant and because of that … I offer a solution to this problem,” Higgins said. “I propose that we take the $83,494 and assign it … [to a] fund balance as of June 30, 2019 to fund this important grant.”

Jim Bunting moved to approve the funding proposal, which Mitrecic seconded. 

Crabs To Go EDUs

The owners of the business Crabs To Go, on the corner of routes 50 and 589, were permitted to buy 10 equivalent dwelling units from the Ocean Pines Sanitary Service Area following a unanimous vote from the commissioners.

Public Works Director John Tustin said Crabs To Go Inc. and Grays Corner LLC. issued a check for $121,380 to the county for the EDUs.

He added six EDUs would be allocated for the business with plans to use the remaining four on other land parcels.

Commissioner Joseph Mitrecic moved to approve the funding proposal, which Commissioner Jim Bunting seconded. 

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