(Aug. 16, 2019) As the immigration debate rages throughout the country, Worcester County quietly makes money, albeit not quite as much as it was bringing in at the end of last year.

The Worcester County Detention Center in Snow Hill currently houses 141 Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees, according to Worcester County Warden Donna Bounds, who said the county receives $87.11 per inmate per day. 

With those numbers, the county would receive $12,282.51 per day and almost $4.5 million for the year. This is slightly less than the revenue reported last December 2018, however, when the jail held 151 detainees at $13,200 per day. 

ICE detainees, who are assigned to the center based on availability and the circumstances of the case, according to immigration authorities, are housed separately from other inmates. No families are held in the jail, Bounds said.

Bounds said 20 Wellpath employees on site to assure detainees’ access to healthcare and that the  harsh headline-grabbing circumstances of other detention centers around the country don’t exist here. Detainees have clean bedding and access to toiletries, she said.

Tours of the facility also can be arranged, although attorneys can meet with their clients at any time during visiting hours. Activist groups can also visit the center to give presentations, generally regarding immigrant legal rights, the spokesperson said.

The other two centers that hold ICE detainees in Maryland are in Frederick and Howard counties.

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