Kim Moses

Worcester Public Information Officer Kim Moses

(March 18, 2021) County officials are renewing and revising the “Keep Worcester Clean” campaign instituted last year in hopes of reducing illegal dumping at recycling centers and along roadways.

Worcester government spokesperson Kim Moses reviewed littering data from 2020 during the commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday.

Moses said the county invested roughly $22,000 in print, radio, television and social media advertising last year to promote the anti-littering initiative.

While slight reduction in illicit dumping did occur last year, the results varied.

“It went down a small amount. However, it actually increased substantially during the time period we were running these commercials on television and the Internet,” she said.

Moses recommended adding video cameras to monitor unstaffed homeowner convenience centers intended for recycling, with locations in Bishopville, Whaleyville and the Berlin Wal-Mart deemed highest priority.

“We’d love to run this program in the future, however, it needs to … include cameras installed at the transfer station so that we can get a handle on illegal dumping,” she said.

Moses said signs should be included to alert the public about the camera monitoring.

“We do have ‘dumping is not permitted’ signs in place already,” she said.

Commissioner Ted Elder, while making a motion for approval, recalled previously suggesting the importance of installing cameras for monitoring purposes.

“I suggested we use the cameras before and I was told it was going to be too expensive to have that kind of a system out there,” he said.

Elder opined that adding video cameras would prove more effective to reduce incidents of illegal dumping.

Moses noted Wicomico County reported positive results after introducing camera monitoring at drop-off recycling centers.

Elder asked for price data prior to venturing forward with acquiring video equipment.

“I’d like to see prices put together to post cameras at these three sites,” he said.

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