printed 09/28/2018

It’s not that we don’t like little cars that zip around streets and highways like whirligig water bugs on a stream — okay, maybe some people really don’t care for them — but most residents and visitors could care less about who drives what on Ocean City’s roads and highways as long as they don’t act like they own them.

That was the problem with the H2O International car event before it relocated to Atlantic City for this year’s rally of water-cooled VWs and Audis.

Despite its hundreds of well-behaved participants, a few dozen H2O-types had to show off, had to impede the flow of regular traffic by blocking all lanes, and just had to stir up as much anarchy as possible to prove, well, that they existed.

That’s a shame and now, both this weekend and next, anyone motoring on Coastal Highway and Ocean City’s side streets will have to abide by the special 30 mph speed limit imposed to clamp down on bad behavior by a comparatively few drivers.

Despite assertions to the contrary by some H2O enthusiasts, the new special event zones, and their restrictive traffic laws, were not created to force their event out of town. Similarly, they were not intended to discourage the fall Cruisin’ event next weekend, when the tougher road rules also will be in force.

Their purpose is to keep the public safe and to allow the majority of car enthusiasts, other visitors and residents to drive from point A to point B without having to navigate through a stream of disruptive knuckleheads whose objective is to be noticed.

Ocean City is a tourist town and as such welcomes everyone — as long as they obey the rules. When they don’t, things happen like the creation and imposition of the special event zone law, which no one wants, but will have to endure because 0f the stupidity of a few.

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