printed 11/27/2020

The one thing for which most of us are grateful in 2020 is that it’s almost over. Soon, we will flip the page on the calendar, leave this most miserable of years behind and start anew. Or so we like to tell ourselves.

We all know there’s no partition that separates one year from the next and that we will continue to face the hardships and uncertainties that arose during the preceding months.

How, then, do we count our blessings and restore the positive outlook that will help us overcome whatever lies ahead?

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Corinne Webster, who grew up on the Eastern Shore before establishing a practice in Frederick, explained how in a message this week to her classmates of many years ago.

• Name friends/family who bring you joy and how they do that?

• Name events/things in your life that have been awe inspiring.

• Name one person who has betrayed you and how. Name their three good qualities. Decide to forgive them and let it go.

• Name kind acts you have witnessed. Which ones blessed you the most and why?

• Name what makes your temper flare. Decide to breathe, count to 10 and make a space before you react.

• For each decade of your life, name the best person, place, thing, animal and/or joy and tell why.

• Who do you miss the most? What do you miss about them?

• Who has been most influential in your life? How? Why?

• Who has been most memorable to you? Details!

• Name your most prized possessions and what makes them so (even if you do not have them anymore). Remember, we do not possess people.

• Name experiences you would like to re-live and why.

• Remember the kindness of a stranger or acquaintance. Tell the story, lift them in prayer and think of them with joy.

• Make a list of the happy moments this year. As many as you can! As fast as you can! Keep this close to your heart to review often and add more.

• On Thanksgiving Day, think of everyone, known or unknown, who has worked hard to keep this country moving and on its feet. Be grateful for everyone.

Editor’s note: And be thankful that you can move on.

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