printed 05/21/2021

The confusion over the covid-19 unmasking directives, orders and questions concerning where masks must be worn, could be worn or might not be worn is confusing in itself.

It’s confusing because doing the right thing isn’t that difficult or critical, assuming that wearing a mask was never a great imposition on people, despite assertions to the contrary.

Had the mask business been allowed to remain a purely medical and health matter, instead of the angry political argument it was turned into, the answer to all the recent questions about the where and when of mask wearing would have been simple: wear a mask until you realize it is no longer necessary.

In other words, instead of worrying about which stores require customers to mask up and which don’t, the easy solution is to just wear the mask going in and take it off if store personnel are going maskless.

That’s not a big deal, unless your biggest concern is that someone might ridicule you for being too cautious. And that is no big deal.

The odd thing is the great squabble over mask wearing was that many people simply didn’t want to be told what to do. Their contention was that it infringed on their personal liberties. That being said, however, it also stands to reason that people can continue to wear masks if they so choose, regardless of what anyone says.

The worst that can happen should someone enter a shop, store or office wearing a mask when it’s unnecessary is that someone in a position of authority at that location will say wearing a mask is no longer required. So, take it off. Again, no big deal.

We waste too much time making big things out of little things and then obsessing over them. That’s no way to push ahead, which is what we have to do.

In that regard, we apparently need to re-learn how to not sweat the small stuff so we can get on with the things that really matter.

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