printed 09/30/2022

Oh well.

It was to be the single biggest event ever to be staged in Ocean City, give or take a couple of other big draws, and then it was canceled due to wind and rain.

There isn’t much else you can say, since the one thing everyone around here knows is that the weather in the so-called shoulder months on the coast is predictably unpredictable, at least for long-term planning purposes.

Just as Ocean City has the incredible benefit of a coastal location, it also can be the victim of it, as has been demonstrated many times.

Surrounded by water as this tip of an island is, and sitting on a peninsula bordered to the west by another body of water, Ocean City is subject to a geographical circumstance that lends itself to arbitrary and capricious weather when cold air and warm air mix it up overhead in the fall and spring.

Spring is the worst but fall and the peak of hurricane season also means there are no guarantees.

There’s nothing to be done about it when things don’t go as expected, other than to say, “Oh well,” and move on. That’s the way it is even when the success of big plans hinges on a cooperative forecast.

That, obviously, was the case with this weekend’s Oceans Calling music festival, which was looking to be a windy and soggy affair before it was called off Thursday. The concert’s organizers and promoters were saying it would go on, and in all probability thousands of die-hard fans would have still been there to see it. We certainly had hoped so.

A huge amount of effort went into arranging for and setting up Oceans Calling, and it’s worse than a shame that ended up being a washout. But nothing can be done about that except to try again next year. Oh well.

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