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printed 05/15/2020

How can it be that one-time smartest guy in the world Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top advisor on the crudvid-19, is suddenly one of the dumbest, according to some political commentators and U.S. senators?

Here’s a guy whose word we took as gospel in the world of infectious diseases, and now he’s the used car salesman of epidemiology — “Psst, buddy, wanna buy an N95 mask that belonged to an old lady who used it to go to the supermarket on Sundays? Garage kept. Just like her car, which we’ll even throw in — a one-owner N95 AND a ’75 Ford Falcon! Whaddaya say, pal?”

Sen. Rand Paul got in on the Fauci flailing this week, when he told the formerly good doctor that, while he respected him for knowing more than diddly squat, he didn’t know all things diddly, squat or otherwise.

I was somewhat surprised by this assertion, as Sen. Paul, as an ophthalmologist, is also medical doctor and therefore must know a considerable amount of diddly himself.

On the other hand, just because you’re a specialist in one field doesn’t mean you’re an expert in other fields. In other words, you wouldn’t go to Eye Doctor Paul for a colonoscopy, unless you recognized and accepted the risk of him misplacing your new bifocals where the sun don’t shine.

“So, Dr. Senator, what do you think?”

“Can you read the bottom line?” he asks.

“I thought that’s what you were doing.”

The shame of it is that whatever Dr. Fauci knows or doesn’t know, I would prefer to be advised on the right or wrong of what he’s saying by someone who’s up on the science in that field instead of someone who’s opinion is so, so, opinionated.

I mean I have at least two or three opinions on just about anything anyone could ask just in case I find myself mingling with people I don’t know all that well.

That way, I can quickly employ whichever one will work best when I’m trying to get along with others, which usually occurs about once a quarter.

I’m also aware, however, that there are times when I plain don’t know what I’m talking about. In fact, this could be one of them.

Then again, I still don’t get how an acknowledged smart person is so quickly viewed as a too-smart-for-our-own-good person by people who weren’t listening to him anyway. After all, if they weren’t listening, how would they know what he is?

It’s like one activist this week who demanded to know how Fauci gets to impose these rules, when he wasn’t elected to anything.

The answer, of course, is that he didn’t. The governors did all that, not the epidemiologist, whose only rule, I believe, is that it’s always wise to match the exam you need with the doctor qualified to do it.

Otherwise, you might walk out afterward not knowing which end is up.

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