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printed 07/31/2020

More than one person has remarked to me that the longer the covid mess goes on, the grumpier I get.

I say it isn’t so, and that I still possess the sunny disposition for which I am widely known.

The latter, of course, is a big fat lie, as even I would admit that my moods on most days tend to swing between partly cloudy and the possibility of a late afternoon storm.

It is true, however, that I have become increasingly annoyed at our circumstances, and that manifests itself in various ways.

This is especially so, as my attempts to remain buoyant and defiant in the face of this lingering woe are brought low by what seems to be the stupid thing of the day.

It was Thursday, in fact, as we hurdled toward deadline, that our email service provider decided that the goats it employs to run on the treadmills that power our servers needed some time off.

Just wonderful. Just *&^%$ wonderful.

So it was without an active email account, and not that much I could do until the goats resumed their normal operations, that I reviewed a question about Congress that someone who doesn’t know any better had sent me pre-goat fiasco.

My answer was quick and too the point. Was it too grumpy? You decide.

Dear sir:

In response to your question about my thoughts on Congress, here is my answer regarding what it’s doing or should be doing this term.

The senate’s conflicted,

as folks get evicted,

but breaks to take on Big Tech.

The CARES 2 act can wait,

it’s already too late,

it seems the nation’s a wreck.

So, let’s posture and shout

about something, no doubt,

that’s a scourge of the land.

‘Cause this target’s better,

right down to the letter,

than fixing the problems at hand.

So let’s say what the heck?

We will take on big tech

And its effect on the masses.

And as the clock drains,

We’ll sit on our brains

while talking out of our a——s.

I trust this answers your question. Please feel free to contact me anytime should you need my insight or advice on national or even global affairs.

Yours truly ...

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