printed 06/26/2020

Let’s see if I can get this straight: The Ocean City Council was cited this month for a passel of closed meetings that violated the state open meetings law.

So what did it do? It decided to talk about that situation … in a closed meeting.

Am I missing something here?

In my mind, however tormented it might be, that’s like someone telling you that you stepped in a barnyard cow pie, and then stepping in it again so you’d get a better understanding of how to not step in it a third time.

I could be wrong, as I’m easily confused these days, because there’s just too much going on.

For instance, I’m still working at home when I’d rather not be, we’re dealing with an economy so bad that investing in cow pie futures is beginning to look attractive, and, on the home front, the resident nutritionist is disputing my argument that we should stock up on Slim Jims because they are the ultimate survival food.

She’s not buying it, but really, how many Slim Jims have you seen that went bad? In fact, I have two left that say, “Best if used by the next Ice Age.” And they still look good.

Anyway, just because the council went into closed session, ostensibly to talk about closed sessions, it doesn’t mean closed sessions were the topic.

They could have been discussing the finer points of home canning, for all I know, at least until they release the minutes of that meeting.

Which makes me wonder — there’s a slight possibility they were trying to figure out how to produce minutes of all those closed meetings when there might not be any minutes to disclose.

I’m just saying.


In other government news, I’m getting a little weary of everyone saying that we should depend more on people to exercise personal responsibility.

In my mind, that’s like saying, “It’s every man for himself,” which would be fine if more people really were exercising personal responsibility.

Again, I don’t know this for sure, but I’d say, in my increasingly grumpy old way, that I’d probably strike oil in my backyard before I see personal responsibility take the lead over people doing whatever they feel like doing whenever they feel like it.

Besides, I am particularly annoyed at people who give shopkeepers and restaurant owners a hard time because they were asked to be responsible and put on masks before entering.

Two people I know at a downtown Mexican-style restaurant got a big dose of irresponsible behavior last week, when a man and woman yelled curses at them for insisting they mask up.

Nice people run this restaurant, so they took the abuse.

I would say, however, that the offending pair were lucky. Had it been some other restaurant friends of mine, this couple would have been served alright, but would have found the burritos to be a little uncomfortable.

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