The public eye

printed 05/26/2023

It takes a while, once you reach a certain point in life, to realize that no one cares what you look like when you’re at the beach.

Were that not so, this beach could be guarded by a pair of Chesapeake Bay retrievers, since everyone who wasn’t buff or beautiful would confine themselves to their rooms or otherwise cover up completely as a favor to society.

For instance, it took me 30 years to accept that I could wear shorts in public without having people ask me, “Hey, buddy, how do you walk on those legs? They’re so skinny you could shoot pool with ‘em.”

As it turned out, I finally did give shorts a try a few years ago and discovered that not only did no one care, I was invisible.

Besides, as our longtime cartoonist extraordinaire Marc Emond made clear in a recent offering, I still look pretty good for my age.

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