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printed 09/11/2020

They tell me summer is over and I, for one, am glad to hear it.

Let me rephrase that — I’m not glad summer is over, but I am glad someone told me it was, since I would not have known otherwise.

From my perspective, which would be a second-floor window overlooking another second-floor window, which belongs to someone else, we have now entered what I believe is actually the 24th week of April.

But I have been corrected on that score, thank goodness.

Normally, I would have realized that time had been passing by virtue of couple of heat waves, extended daylight hours and several hundred emails advising me, “Exciting New Low-T Herbal Remedy For A Summer of Fun!”

But even that didn’t clue me in, since I pay scant attention to such inducements. After all, what’s a “Low-T” to me, when I have an entire alphabet that probably needs help? I do know, for instance, that my A is a whole lot lower than it used to be.

But I digress. The thing is, I tended to follow the passing of time this year by monitoring our business operations, which strongly suggested that summer has yet to begin.

It’s either that or my “B,” as in Budget, has, like my A, succumbed to the gravity of the situation.

The reality is that I stopped worrying about things like that some time ago, when I realized our accountant was sending me the same early spring statement over and over again, or so it seemed.

I assumed she was doing that to reduce the number of times she had to explain things to me by referring me to the original explanation: “Item E: Please see explanation issued 14 weeks ago.”

But, alas, I was mistaken. We survivors of the summer of 2020 now know that April did not extend beyond its usual parameters, and that we actually did have a June, July and August, however subdued they turned out to be.

So, now it’s September, and we can look forward to … um … it not being April.

That’s fine with me and I suspect it’s not going to cause a great wailing and gnashing of teeth elsewhere in the business community.

In fact, I’m getting seriously enthused about returning my operations to my real office, which, being on the first floor, has a nice view of another first-floor window, which belongs to someone else.

Still, that will be a welcome change. And believe me, after this summer, many, many people would agree that change, any kind of change at all, is good.

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