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printed 07/23/2021

Just so everyone knows, and doesn’t start speculating, conjecturing and any other suitable synonyms for making things up, our newspapers are moving at the end of next week from 8200 Coastal Highway to the Ocean Gateway Center in West Ocean City.

Having said that, I should also note that attempting to ascertain the real reason for this relocation, as opposed to the official reason is pointless.

The truth is since 2004, when we took up occupancy at this location, we’ve had bad, terrible, no good landlords who won’t even see that the flowers are watered regularly.

Did I mention that I am one of the landlords? Oh yeah, and I’ve found myself very difficult to get along with, as some of our staffers will attest.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was overheard arguing with myself about who’s responsibility it is to hack down the incredibly hardy weeds that continue to spring up around this palace of professional journalism.

“It’s your responsibility as the landlord to go home and get the weed whacker and take care of the grounds,” said Tenant Me.

“You don’t pay me enough to do that,” Landlord Me replied. “Besides, it’s your responsibility as the tenant-in-chief to take care of that, so you go home and get the weed whacker.”

“I refuse.”

“No, I refuse.”

“I refused first.”

It’s just tough to get along with people like me, so I decided the best course of action was to extricate my selves from this awkward position.

It doesn’t hurt, by the way, that the space is better and there are no weeds to whack.

Honestly, we had no great desire or need to move anywhere, but a deal for the 82nd Street building came along unexpectedly and we — the family partnership, that is — felt it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Additionally, we would be done with that grumpy Tenant Me versus Landlord Me once and for all.

As it is, we — the paper and staff — will be incommunicado next Friday, July 30, because we’ll be moving into our well-appointed new space next door to OC Elements, up just a little from Paws & Claws and Non Typical, and down a little from Cathell Insurance.

The plan is to be ready and running the following Monday. That is to say that everyone else will be busy, while I laze about and bask in the warm feeling of not having to deal with myself anymore.

Oh, the phone number will remain the same, but I’m telling you, if I get a call and it’s me on the other end talking about a great deal on yet another place, I won’t be answering.

But seriously, if you’re in the neighborhood from Aug. 2 on, drop in and say hi. We’ll be there for years to come.

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