printed 09/28/2018

This letter was sent to the mayor and City Council and forwarded to Ocean City Today.


I read in the newspaper that Bikefest was down 75 percent and they lost money. You would not known it from the full parking lot of bikes and cars at convention hall.

They probably took in $50,000 before Bikefest started with advance tickets, vendor and sponsor money, advertisers in the bike booklet. Plus, I heard the city gave them $50,000.

In the bike magazines, our Bikefest is listed as the third largest Bikefest in the USA. Bikefest if just like Sunfest. Why don’t we have our own special events people run Bikefest and the city can make some money instead of a giveaway of $50,000?

Why did we raise draft beer prices to $5? You can get a draft beer at most bars for $2.

I read in the newspaper that the downtown people are going to be putting up more Christmas lights and looking for donations. Why don’t we have the owners of the pier put up a string of lights down both sides of the pier?

Since Bob (show promoter Rothermel) had several rain-outs for his fireworks shows. Why don’t we ask him to put on a 5-minute fireworks show at midnight New Year’s Eve on the beach?

We need to do a fundraiser for a beach town in N.C. recovering from the hurricane. Our special event people can put on a party at Seacrets or the Carousel Hotel with free food and entertainment. I am sure we can get a DJ or a band to donate their time.

Have C of C send out an email blast for donations. Have hotels donate a room for a couple of nights with gift certificate for a meal. Get the golf courses to donate some rounds of golf with a cart. Get the newspapers, radio stations, TV stations to donate $500 worth of free ads. Contact our local casinos to donate $500 worth of free slot play. Contact the art center ask them to ask for artists and photographers to donate.

Have someone from the city go to North Carolina and present this town’s mayor a check from Ocean City, Md.

George Leukel

Ocean City

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