Letter to the Editor

printed 07/02/2021


In the Ocean City Beach Patrol technology article of June 18,2021, Ms. Kristin Joson notes the use of ATVs and AEDs by the OCBP.

She references the use of AEDs to “literally bring people back to life,” and 12 people who are alive today because of the equipment and the highly trained rescuers who arrived quickly and knew how to use the equipment and CPR.

I am one of those specifically-referenced dozen people who owes his life in this way to the OCBP, beyond all those many other people who were rescued in the surf over the years.

I have enjoyed Ocean City every year regularly since I was a teenager. For 50-plus years I have enjoyed it with my family, children, and later, grandchildren.

I am truly blessed that I can continue to do so since the Fourth of July 2018, when that skill and experience and equipment and preparedness on the part of two exceptional OCBP veterans came to my rescue.

Quick reactions by those with me and the chance occurrence the OCBP ATV was nearby helped make my rescue happen. I thank God and each of those involved at the outset and those who then were involved in getting me to Peninsula Hospital in Salisbury.

And I thank the OCBP as an organization and its technology and all the institutions and government agencies and contributors who provided those resources.

It paid off for me and continues to do so. And so it will also for others in the future. We are fortunate to have the OCBP along with the OC EMTs and the Peninsula Doctors and staff.

Larry Buhl

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

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