printed 10/18/2019


On behalf of Anna Foultz, and all the people who love and miss her, the immediate family would like to thank everyone for sending us hundreds of cards, letters and flowers.

We especially want to thank all the people who stepped forward to give us an extra hand and hug as we tried to move forward without our loving mother. We take comfort in knowing that she had so many wonderful friends.

We are so proud of her and the ways she inspired and helped so many people. Some of the most heartfelt messages were from people she never got the opportunity to meet.

We are all waiting patiently for Arlington Cemetery to provide us with the date so, together, we will be able to celebrate the lives of Anna and Carl Foultz and reunite them forever here on Earth. Arlington is so backed up it could be a year before our Anna gets her scheduled date because the active and retired military heroes get scheduled before the spouses.

The Ocean Pines Association is having a celebration of life and dedicating a room in the Community Center, The Anna Foultz Room, at 3 p.m. on Oct. 24, for anyone who can come.

We join you in missing our mother, all the wisdom she gave us (whether we wanted it or not) and all the fun times she captured with her trusty old-fashioned camera. We will miss opening the newspaper, not seeing her face and the fun articles and photos of the happy people she met and events she attended.

We are still amazed that she was able to do all her good works with only a phone, fax machine and her friends. We pray that we will always remember the lessons of love and forgiveness that she taught us.

Again, we want to thank each friend and every family member (as our mother would say), “From our hearts, we thank you and from wherever I am, I will love you all!”

Shirley Isbell,

daughter of Anna Foultz


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