Letter to the Editor

printed 08/24/2018


Over the past year, there has been a heated debate involving the offshore wind project in Ocean City.

Despite that fact the project would add 9,700 new jobs in Maryland, make significant contributions to our state tax revenues, and result in more than 1.8 billion in new in-state spending Mayor Meehan and the Ocean City Council have maintained opposition to the project.

Both the mayor and City council have taken a position saying the turbines would be an “eyesore” and “ruin the view” our beaches provide.

However, their stance on protecting the view and what is considered an eyesore seems to drastically change in other areas.

Every single day those who visit our beaches see massive banner airplanes and big boats covered in advertising that block the view of both the sky and ocean. These boats and planes are also a lot closer and easier to see than the turbines that would be constructed 17 miles offshore.

If Mayor Meehan and the council are going to continue the narrative that turbines will ruin the view and are eyesores, they should at least be constant by banning eyesores like banner airplanes and advertising boats that block the view from our beaches.

If not, they should stop lying to the public about the project and allow this economic opportunity to be built on the lower shore without having hypocritical and weak arguments coming from officials fighting against the best interests of the region.

Jared Schablein

Chair of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

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Because I care

First, the wind turbines will not create 9,700 jobs, though this is the number that is used in the press. The two wind companies say that 64 permanent jobs will be created though likely the real number is around 50. If the wind turbines allow this false information to be published what other false information are they peddling? As for the air and boat banners being a bigger eye sore than wind turbines, the boats and airplanes are not there most of the year, while the wind turbines will be there every day for ever. Their blinking air and navigation warning lights will also be visible at night. These wind turbines generate few jobs, raise the cost of electricity $3,500,000,000 over the next 20 years (that is $70,000,000 for every permanent job created, the cost of electricity they produce is 400% more than what residents now pay, and there is no environmental benefit, that's right, regional emissions of CO2, NOX, and SO2 will increase because of them, more coal will be used, as determined by the energy experts hired by the State of Maryland to analyze the projects. So why risk the beach economy, housing values, local jobs, tourism, and the general enjoyment of the unspoiled ocean horizon for what? So people can feel better about themselves. I say NO!

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