Letter to the Editor

printed 08/20/2021


I was surprised to see the comment under “Community Should Stop Basking in the Masking” from John Fager in [last] week’s paper.

This contains more of the typical Libertarian ideas that individuals should be able to do whatever they want without restriction.

That is true up to the point where your actions adversely impact others.

For example, we took smoking out of bars and restaurants because the rights of the few people who want to smoke at dinner should not spoil the dinner of non-smokers exposed to the odor.

I was never a fan of motorcycle helmet laws, as it appeared to me that the rider without a helmet was not exposing the public to a risk – only himself.

It is not the same with the large number of Americans who refuse to get a vaccine or follow CDC guidance regarding masks and social distancing.

If everyone got their vaccine and followed other CDC guidelines, covid would be reduced to a very few isolated cases in short order. However, because of a group of people who are either tragically misinformed or politically motivated, this virus will likely be around in full force this time next year.

That is why I would urge all businesses, government agencies, and organizations to fully implement the CDC guidelines including a vaccine mandate.

I do not care what whacko reason someone has for not being vaccinated, I suspect their views might change if they encountered “Entrance permitted only for Fully Vaccinated Individuals” signs on their grocery store, bank, post office, or favorite bar or restaurant.

Jim Thomas

Silver Spring, Maryland

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