printed 02/19/2021


A couple of our favorite places to meet friends and to enjoy great food have closed their doors.

So many good times to remember over what seems to be a lifetime in Ocean City. Weren’t they always there, in midtown and on the north end?

Both a popular gathering place year-round because the owners and the staff were always so pleasant and welcoming.

BJ’s on the Water had that local bar feeling with a view of the bay and duck feeding daily; add the live bands and what’s not to love.

The owners, Billy and Maddy Carder, were always so generous to all the organizations and groups who ask for support in their charity work. They stayed active all things Ocean City, and of course a big hit with their float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Leo’s Family Restaurant was one of the best diner-feeling places ever, always welcoming, soft chatter and hot coffee.

He made the best homemade vegetable soup and fried chicken (to order) and — Oh! His rice pudding, the crabs were seasoned just right.

A great meal, “Blue Plate” special, (as it was once called) eat in or carry out. You got to dine in a wonderful art gallery of oil paintings, a big collection of artist located in Greece and its surrounding Islands. They looked as lifelike as a photograph.

“Pete” and his wife are part of a Greek family who own other great restaurants in town. They are very active in the Greek church.

All of us in the area say, “Thank you so very much.”

Nelson and June Kelly

Selbyville, Delaware

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