printed 09/20/2019


Once again Ocean City residents had to endure the roar of groups of motorcyclist as they traveled up and down Coastal Highway this weekend.

Thousands of bikers attended the OC BikeFest that was advertised as the largest motorcycle rally on the East Coast.

The OC BikeFest event required that Ocean City police to call on a number of outside law enforcement agencies for assistance. Numerous individuals were arrested for speeding and other reckless driving.

This event and similar motor vehicle events are getting to the point that the Ocean City Council needs to reassess whether the benefits of these events exceed their costs and results in staining the family image that Ocean City advertises.

The council’s initial step should be to find out why OC BikeFest was not designated a Special Event.

The Special Event law, passed as an emergency law in April 2018, allows the State Highway Administration, at the request of Ocean City officials and the meeting of certain other motor vehicle requirements, to designate Coastal Highway as a special event zone, and reduce speed limits in that zone to 30 mph.

Violators can face a $1,000 fine.

The special event law has been so helpful to the Ocean City police department that discussions have taken place to extend the time period the special event law can be in effect.

There is no question that OC BikeFest met the requirements of the special event law. The City Council owes Ocean City residents an explanation as why they did not request the SHA to designate OC BikeFest a special event.

Joseph H. Potter

Ocean City

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