Letter to the Editor

printed 02/19/2021


Twenty-five Boardwalk property and business owners attended the downtown neighborhood watch meetings on Sept. 27, Oct. 20 and Nov. 11.

One of the issues they were concerned about was that the Boardwalk public restrooms need to stay open until midnight during the tourist season.

They complained that the Boardwalk stores cannot adequately accommodate bathroom needs of thousands of Boardwalk visitors who become contentious and belligerent when they cannot use the stores restrooms.

The town added the public restrooms on the Boardwalk for the specific purpose for the tourists and for relieving the burden of the Boardwalk business community.

Keeping the Boardwalk public restrooms open for the tourists would solve the problem.

Downtown Neighborhood Watch Coordinators Newt Weaver and Margaret Pillas

Ocean City

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