printed 07/24/2020


Although it is difficult to balance health versus wealth, a reasonable and prudent person should have known that opening a vacation destination would only lead to an increase of covid-19 positive cases.

Whether it was pressure from business interests, or worry of reduced fiscal revenues, the Ocean City Government decided to pursue the shaky path to wealth.

Based on today's (July 21) covid-19 updates, in the eight weeks since approximately May 25, Ocean City's positive covid-19 case number has risen from 15 to 113. This is 7.53 times the original number; an increase of 653 percent positive cases.


Would a reasonable and prudent person expect vacationers to read and follow the stenciled sidewalk graphics to proceed at your own risk (to paraphrase those graphics approaching the Boardwalk?)

Would a reasonable and prudent person expect vacationers to adhere to the temporary electronic signs encouraging visitors to wear face coverings and practice social distancing?

I surmise they would not.


Notwithstanding the above, was there even a plan to inspect the bars and restaurants to ensure they were following the State of Maryland's Emergency Declarations?

Has the Ocean City Police Department done anything to enforce the declaration? This includes social distancing, or lack thereof, on the Boardwalk.


Has the Worcester County Health Department prepared a plan to protect the citizens? Have the Worcester County Commissioners enacted a plan of protection? I don't know.

What I do know is that on April 30, the Berlin/Ocean Pines, 21811 zip code, covid-19 case number was 29. It is now 187, this is 6.45 times that number; an increase of 545 percent positive cases.

The citizens deserve more!


J.O. Kayler


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