printed 01/31/2020


Stop plastic pollution of our waterways!

It may be hard to imagine how a flimsy plastic carryout bag from your local store could contribute to a world-wide crisis, but it can.

Only about 5 percent of plastic bags are recycled. The single-use plastic bags that end up in our waterways degrade, absorb toxic chemicals and cause health risks to humans.

Marine life and livestock often ingest portions or even whole plastic bags, causing injury and sometimes death.

All we have to do to make a difference is change the way we think about how we bring home our purchases.

Store reusable bags in your vehicle. Use boxes at big-box stores. No bags at all. Just load your items from your shopping cart directly into your vehicle.

Contact your state representative and senator and ask them to support the “Plastic and Packaging Reduction Act” (HB 209 and SB 313) that will prohibit retailers from automatically providing plastic carryout bags at check-out.

Each of us can act responsibly. Together we can help save our state, our country, and yes, even the world, from the ever-growing threat of the plastic pollution crisis.

Cindy Dillon

Ocean Pines

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