printed 02/07/2020


It was reported [last] week that a Worcester County caregiver was sentenced for theft of money from a patient for whom she was caring.

In those reports, the offender was incorrectly identified as a “hospice” worker based on a news release issued by the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.

It is important that we make clear that Ms. Fedia Dorlus is not, nor has ever been an employee or volunteer of hospice. State’s Attorney Kris Heiser has since clarified that Dorlus was working as a home health aide for another company that provides private duty and is not a hospice.

While it is important we clear up this misunderstanding so that the public may remain confident in Coastal Hospice and our employees, there’s an equally essential message we want to share.

Having cared for tens of thousands of patients across Delmarva during the last 40 years, we know it takes tremendous trust to let anyone into a home to care for a patient.

You can be assured that as a licensed and certified hospice agency, our staff have rigorous training and background checks.

We are surveyed by both the state of Maryland and the Joint Commission to affirm our compliance in our employee records as well as many standards of patient care.

Coastal Hospice is the only hospice organization operating in Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset and Dorchester counties.

Families should also know that most hospice care is covered by insurance at no or minimal charge to patients. Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance usually cover hospice, and in cases where it is not covered, charitable support may be available.

We encourage anyone with questions to reach out to us at 410-742-8732, and we thank the residents of the Lower Shore for their support. It is our honor to work for and with you.

Alane Capen

CEO, Coastal Hospice

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