Letter to the Editor

printed 12/24/2021


I am writing you about the article in the Dec. 17, 2021 edition by Greg Wehner.

Access to up-to-date cell towers with current 5G is not just a luxury anymore. It is a necessity.

Montego Bay has 1,523 property owners.

Public school busses operate two runs twice a day for the past several years in Montego Bay. Students need service for remote access.

During the recent and ongoing covid-19 many people utilized this necessary service for their jobs while working from their home.

Increased usage without current technology only slows the system down, especially in summer months when all use the system for cell phones/Ipads, etc.

New construction in north Ocean City, plus recent sale at 28th Street, will only increase the demand in coming months.

I am a property owner since 1983 in north Ocean City and have lived there 24/7 for over 11 years.

Approve and allow now!

Robert R Hemp Jr.

Ocean City

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