Letter to the editor

printed 05/24/2019


My name is Robin Wright. My husband and I own a condo at Breakwater I at 134th Street. I am writing to say that I disagree with Director Hal Adkins that the special vehicles for non-standard location for trash pick up is a “boutique trash” service.

We bought our condo in Ocean City because of the great services the town affords its residents. Trash pick-up is one of those services. He claims no one “wish any hardship” but that is exactly what it would do. To lose parking spaces for condo owners would cause issues with parking during the summer season.

I have a walking disability causing me to have to walk with braces on my legs and a cane. To come to the condo on the weekends and not be able to park at our condo is a hardship on me. To have to park several blocks away and carry luggage and food is something I cannot do. We bought the condo for its location and parking. Also, many of our residents are seniors.

Also, condo owners pay high condo fees. This allows us to employ workers in Ocean City in many fields. We hire roofers, painters, electricians, maintenance workers, power washers, and fence builders to maintain our building. Added fees for private trash collection would be a hardship on residents. And remember the money we spend at restaurants, bars, shopping and special events.

Another issue to move the trash containers to the sidewalk would be an eye sore and distract from our views. It would also attract pests, bugs and smells.

I think Ocean City has an obligation to its taxpayer residents to purchase what is necessary to continue pick up of trash at our locations.

Robin Wright

Pocomoke City

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