Letter to the Editor

printed 06/04/2021


After my wife returned home from a stay in a local hospital, something has come to mind about verycunnecessary medical expenses. We are now getting bills of $190 and $150 from doctors that we have never heard of or met.

We believe that they may be part of a group of doctors that are given the OK to stop in and say “hi” by one of the doctors in charge of the case. This is not right and when you complain they always say the main doctor wants their advice.

So far, the bill is $21,000 for four days with many more bills in the mail. Am I wrong to feel this way? We expect the $10 aspirin bill, but what can anyone do?

Joseph M. Marx Sr.

Ocean City

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You usually do get bills from Drs you may never see, any lab work? Pathology Bill

Any X-ray,Cat-sans, MRI ? Radiologist Bill , EKG ? Cardiologist Bill, was she scene in ER? Emergency Medicine Dr Bill , call 911? Ambo. Bill and the list goes on

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