Letter to the Editor

printed 04/29/2022


In the April 22 OC Today article regarding school officials clearing up misinformation, I want to applaud the board of education for sharing facts to counteract the large amount of misleading information spreading throughout our county.

From that meeting, it is clear that the informative presentation shared at the end regarding the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework was necessary to stop the ongoing onslaught of misinformation and blatant lies.

As a local educator myself, I can assure everyone that no educator is teaching children to be or not to be a certain gender.

As stated in the presentation, human sexuality and gender identification are not discussed with students until high school.

The very loud groups of individuals that are seeking to mislead the community with fear and lies did not stay for the informative presentation from the very board they are accusing of allowing practices like grooming and indoctrination.

As ridiculous as this sounds, when people twist facts in enough ways and repeat the same set of lies over and over, others begin to believe them. The group that seeks to take over the current board’s seats and control our public schools is wrong in describing Maryland’s Comprehensive Health Education Framework as indoctrination, grooming, and exploitation.

These accusations have been repeated in recent local board meetings as well as on social media platforms.

Consider the topics that are taught and how they may apply to your child. In kindergarten students must be able to describe different families.

As these students grow, they will be required to practice communicating personal boundaries.

Continuing through elementary school students will demonstrate the ability to recognize and respect that people express themselves in many ways.

Eventually students will be able to define consent as people of all ages and abilities having the right to tell others not to touch their body when and where they do not want to be touched.

Grooming by definition is the action by which a pedophile is preparing a child for a meeting with the intention of committing a sexual offense.

This framework is the polar opposite of grooming. The health framework teaches our youth how to identify trusted adults, understand appropriate touch, consent, and distinguish healthy relationships from unhealthy relationships.

This arms our children with the knowledge to stand up for themselves, recognize danger, and seek help.

Fortunately, families have been provided facts about the framework for health education in our schools by the board.

Lyndsay Greenan-Tyre

Ocean Pines

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