printed 10/05/2018

This letter was sent to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan and Ocean City Today


Ocean City has spent years getting its reputation back to a “family friendly” resort with the removal of profanity and sexually explicit merchandise on the Boardwalk and the recent nonsmoking policy on the beach.

Good for all of those who made it happen.

Now, let’s focus on the nonsanctioned H2O event. While the large police presence helps, along with the 30mph speed zones and no chairs on sidewalks, here are three more suggestions for next year.

Ocean City either has a noise ordinance or it doesn’t. Loud revving of motors and backfires at 11 p.m., 2 a.m. or 6 a.m. scaring sleeping children have no place in a town that bills itself as a “family friendly resort.”

Filling side streets and parking lots with hundreds of cars and youngsters that have no permits to assemble there block the movements of residents who live there or are trying to shop, or renters trying to get to their units, and these crowds could be and should be dispersed.

And, finally, let’s talk freedom of speech. Law enforcement needs to pull over every vehicle that uses masking tape and painters’ tape to describe in the most vulgar terms female body parts and what the driver is apparently looking to do to these parts.

Didn’t we already take care of these profane announcements on the Boardwalk?

The officers can have the drivers remove the tape and send them on their way. The people who take the time to tape this trash on their vehicles have little regard for our resort’s reputation, our visiting families or the residents with children who live here.

I know there are rules that separate our freedom of speech from the right to put profanity right out in public where children can be exposed to it.

I will leave that to the lawyers, but we did remove this garbage from our Boardwalk. Now, let’s remove it from our streets.

Do these people come here to enjoy our beautiful resort or to spit in the faces of those who brought it back to “family friendly?”

The table talk Saturday morning at General’s Kitchen over breakfast was how many families were leaving early on a picture-perfect beach day because they just couldn’t take the issues being caused by the H20 invasion.

Special events do make Ocean City special, but this H20 event is not the “special” that Ocean City should be looking to do anything but discourage for our visitors, our residents and especially our children.

Michele Kreiss

Ocean City

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